Kayak – Foundation Classes

Fundamentals of Kayaking

Whether you have paddled for years, or are just beginning, solid fundamentals are the key to fun and safety on the water. In this half day class you will learn about kayaking equipment & safety, how to exit an overturned kayak, and the basics of boat movement & control. This innovative course focuses on building “Core Principles of Paddlesports”. The core principles are techniques that apply to all strokes allowing you to understand how to maneuver your boat in a variety of conditions with less effort & greater results. This is an instructional experience you won’t find anywhere else. All necessary equipment included. 

Cost: $69  Time: 3 hours 

No prerequisite required



Essential Sea Kayaking Skills

With solid flat water kayak skills on board, it’s time to apply them to the context! This course will focus on boat control and movement in the context of wind, swell, and current. Expect to revisit the fundamentals of paddlesports, and be introduced to different methods for rescues, launching, and landing. Content is designed for paddlers who are new to ocean environments, or are looking to improve their performance and personal safety. This is a great follow up to a kayak fundamentals course. 

Cost: $125  Time: 6 Hours

No Prerequisites required.

Bracing / Edging & Rescues Workshop

Solid bracing and rescue skills create safety and confidence on the water. In this class we will show the fundamentals of rescue techniques in a flat water environment. Expect to cover self-rescues, T-rescues, spotting techniques, and tactics for getting paddlers back in their boats. This class will also introduce such techniques as  bracing, edging and sculling. You’ll learn to have greater control of your kayak and you’ll become much more prepared for paddling in a variety of conditions. This course is a great opportunity for any kayaker getting into the sport.

Cost:$85.00    Time: 4 Hours 

Prerequisites – We strongly recommend taking our Fundamentals of kayaking or other formal introductory kayak instruction prior to this workshop. 

Soup-to-Nuts Skill Course

Jump right into the world of sea kayaking wiht a 10-hour course packed with knowledge covering everything from tide readings and kayak seamanship to rescue skills, surf bracing, and navigation. This course is recommended for those who own or plan to own a sea kayak. 

Cost: $199  Time: 10 Hours

No prerequisites required 

Ultimate Sea Kayaker’s Course

Our Ultimate Sea Kayaker’s Course is everything you need to become a confident, safe, and successful sea kayaker. Throughout our 40+ hour course we cover soup-to-nuts sea kayak skills with a focus toward guiding and leading trips for yourself, friends, family, or as an Osprey employee (graduates will have the opportunity to work as future Osprey guides). 

No experience is necessary to enter the course. We teach all you need to know. Note: Water temperature and rescue drills requires all participants to own appropriate cold-water gear. 

The majority of the course will be held on the water. 

Cost: $399  Time: 40 Hours

No prerequisites required 


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